MA CRES Program Requirements

The Master's concentration in CRES requires the following distribution of courses for a total of 30-32 hours. 

  • 6 hours in CORE English requirements
    • 3 hours in EN 537: Introduction to Graduate Studies (Research & Bibliography)
    • 3 hours in EN 538: Research and Critical Prose 
  • 9 hours in CRES requirements
    • 3 hours in EN 532: Approaches to Teaching Composition
    • 3 hours in history of composition-rhetoric (either EN 638: History of Composition Rhetoric, Part I, or EN 658: History of Rhetoric, Part II)
    • 3 hours in EN 512: Computers and Composition
  • 3 hours in linguistics (EN 620: Introduction to Linguistics or other)
  • 12 hours in approved general electives
    • These courses may include CRES electives or courses in literature, linguistics, or interdisciplinary fields related to English Studies.
  • 4 hours in teaching practicum (for teaching assistants)
    • 2 hours in EN 533: Teaching English 101
    • 2 hours in EN 534: Teaching English 102

A student writing a thesis (Plan I) will take 6 thesis hours (EN 599) and in consultation with the field advisor, drop 6 hours of coursework from his or her concentration.  A student not writing a thesis (Plan II) will satisfy the graduation requirement by completing EN 538 with an oral defense of a paper generated in that course (See Exams).


Language Requirement

MA students must demonstrate reading proficiency in a foreign language.