The English Department offers MAs and PhDs in the areas of Literature, Renaissance Studies, and Composition/Rhetoric.

Department faculty mentor students at all stages of their graduate experience, from coursework to teaching to examinations and the writing of master’s theses and doctoral dissertations.

Graduate students in our Department not only have the opportunity to learn in an engaging environment but also to teach in one as well. Beginning in their first (for PhD candidates) and second (for MA candidates) years, they gain valuable classroom experience in composition classes, literature surveys, and courses they design themselves. Our program's scholarly and pedagogical preparation, as well as our detailed attention to professional placement, has enabled students to develop careers as teachers, scholars, publishers and editors.

Lit MA Program Requirements

Lit PhD Program Requirements

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Core Faculty

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David Ainsworth
Phil Beidler
Nikhil Bilwakesh
John Burke
Alexandra Cook
Andy Crank
David Deutsch
Michelle Dowd
Jennifer Drouin
Trudier Harris
Joseph Hornsby
Cajetan Iheka
Yolanda Manora
Tricia McElroy
James McNaughton
Sharon O'Dair
Albert Pionke
Cassie Smith
Stephen Tedeschi
Bill Ulmer
Deborah Weiss
Heather White
Fred Whiting
Emma Wilson
Emily Wittman
Duncan Yoon