MA Strode Program Requirements

We offer an MA in English Literature with a special concentration in Shakespeare and the Renaissance. This program gives students the opportunity to take advantage of the resources of the Strode Program within the context of a two-year degree.

The Strode MA requires thirty hours of graduate coursework, including:

  • Introduction to Graduate Studies (EN 537) (3 hours)
  • One course in critical theory (EN 535, EN 635, or another course approved by the Strode Director) 3 hours)
  • Two courses in Renaissance literature (EN 665, 666, or 668) (6 hours)
  • Shakespeare in Performance Practicum (team-taught by a member of the Strode Committee and a professor in the Theatre Department) (EN 667) (3 hours)
  • The Strode Seminar (EN 669) (3 hours)
  • One course in Medieval literature (3 hours)
  • One interdisciplinary graduate course, approved by the Strode Director (3 hours)
  • Students writing a thesis (Plan I) take 6 hours of thesis in their second year (EN599) 
  • Students taking the comprehensive exam (Plan II) take an additional 6 hours of electives

In addition, students must take two semesters of the Practicum in Teaching College English (EN 533 and EN 534), which do not count toward the 30 hours required for the degree.

Individual courses may be substituted in the plan of study with approval from the Director of the Strode Program.  

All other requirements for the MA Strode program are the same as those for the MA Literature program.