The Chambered Nautilus is an annual newsletter produced by the Department of English at the University of Alabama. It includes articles that review departmental activities, including creative and scholarly readings, and interviews with faculty and students that explore their experience in the English field and their current academic projects.

The Spring 2017 issue includes a profile of the new director of the Hudson Strode Program, Professor Michelle Dowd, an article about Professor Cassie Smith's new book, and a report from the department's Diversity Committee.

The Spring 2016 issue includes articles about undergraduate alumna and Fulbright scholarship winner Nichole Corbett, MA Strode student Emily Pitts Donahoe, and Professor David Deutsch.

The Fall 2015 issue includes articles about MFA alumni John Wingard, foreign student Beth Williams, and Professor Michelle Robinson.

The Spring 2015 issue includes an interview with Nathalie Loper about teen Shakespeare and articles on professors Jennifer Drouin, Hali Felt, Heidi Staples, and Emily Wittman.

The Fall 2014 issue includes a tribute to Professor Carolyn Handa.

The Spring 2014 issue includes a profile of alumna Hunter Coward, an interview with English major Joey Gamble, and a Q&A with Professor Andy Crank.

The Spring 2013 issue  includes an interview with MFA alumna Jeanie Thompson as well as Professor Yolanda Manora's reflections on UA's 50th anniversary of desegregation.

Joshua Clark, a recent English Major graduate, is now attending The University of Alabama’s Law School and is featured in an interview in The Chambered Nautilus's Spring 2012 issue.

The Spring 2011 issue remembers Dr. Robert Young and includes accounts of our various study abroad programs.

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