Signs of Race : Volume 7

Signs of Race : Volume 7

Postcolonial Otherness, and Transnational Capitalism: Contexts, Contests, and Contradictions

Edited by Nirmala Erevelles and Robert Young

This symposium inquires into the historical emergence and contemporary contestations within and over the postcolonial. The symposium aims to highlight the economic, political, cultural, and ideological conditions of possibility for postcolonial discursive practice and foregrounds the postcolonial effects for theorizing questions of subjectivity, nationalism, ecology, ethnicity, race, queerness, feminism, First World/Third World, sexuality, socialism, and capitalism.

In addressing these questions, the symposium theorizes a transdisciplinarity space and therefore will include contributions from a range of contemporary theoretical practices, such as Marxism, poststructuralism, psychoanalysis, feminist theory, cultural studies, queer theory.

Robert Young was previously Assistant Professor of English, and Nirmala Erevelles is Assistant Professor of Education at the University of Alabama.