First-year Writing Program: Because writing and communicating effectively help to lay a foundation for lifelong learning, the First-year Writing Program's mission is to use pedagogical and technological innovations to introduce students to the complex writing, reading, critical thinking, and research tasks they will encounter in the university, the workplace, and the community. English 101, 102, 103, and 104 introduce students to college-level expository writing, critical reading, basic citation, rhetorical tools, the principles of formal argumentation, advanced critical thinking, university-level research techniques, and research paper writing.

The Director of the First-year Writing Program is Prof. Luke Niiler.

The Writing Center: Located in 322 Lloyd Hall, the University of Alabama Writing Center offers free, friendly, one-to-one writing consultations for all UA students. The Writing Center's purpose is to provide writing consultations to all UA students, graduate and undergraduate.  Consultants are an active, inquisitive reading audience for written work-in-progress. As such, consultants can help with both general writing skills and more discipline-specific forms of writing at any stage of the writing process. The Writing Center also maintains a collection of writing sources in print and electronic form. English department graduate students often work as consultants at the Writing Center.

The Director of the Writing Center is Prof. Amy Dayton.