Morgan 205
EN 101
EN 102
EN 103 “Adaptation”
EN 103 "The American President"
EN 103 “Crime and Punishment”
EN 103 "Crossroads"
EN 103 "Memory, Truth, and Lies"
EN 103 “Multimedia Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet”
EN 104 BUI Advanced English Composition “Fidelity or (Re)Vision in Adaptation”
EN 205 English Literature I
EN 215 Honors English Literarture I
EN 206 English Literature II
EN 216 Honors English Literature II
EN 311 Teen Shakespeare
EN 333 Shakespeare
EN 533 Practicum in Teaching College English 101
EN 534 Practicum in Teaching College English 102

Natalie Loper earned her BA in English from Quincy University and her MA and PhD in English from the Hudson Strode Program in Renaissance Studies at The University of Alabama. Her teaching and research interests include Shakespeare and film, teen films, adaptation and appropriation theory, and pedagogy. Her duties as Assistant Director of the First-year Writing Program include creating and coordinating the 100-level online courses and training graduate student teachers and online instructors.


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