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Associate Professor
Director, University of Alabama Writing Center
CRES (Composition, Rhetoric, and English Studies) Graduate Program Faculty Member

Amy E. Dayton completed her PhD in rhetoric-composition and MA in applied linguistics at University of Arizona (2005, 2000).  Her research interests include historiography and archival research, Progressive-Era histories of composition, community literacy, language attitudes, ethnic/immigrant rhetoric and literacy, qualitative research, and assessment/teacher training. 

Edited Collection

Assessing the Teaching of Writing: Twenty-First Century Trends and Technologies.  Logan, Utah:  U Colorado/Utah State UP, 2015.

Articles and Book Chapters

"Digital Literacy in Rural Women's Lives."  Community Literacy Journal 9.2 (Spring 2015). 

"Making Sense (and Making Use) of Student Evaluations."  Assessing the Teaching of Writing: New Trends, New Technologies.  Ed Amy Dayton.  Logan, Utah: Utah State UP, 2015.

“Bridging Gaps and Preserving Memories through Oral History Research and Writing.”  [with Laren Hammonds, Lisa Matherson, and Leah Tollison].  English Journal 101.4 (2012): 75-80.

“‘What the College Has Done For Me’: Anzia Yezierska and the Problem of Progressive Education.” College English 74.3 (2012): 215-233.

“‘When I Close My Eyes, I Like to Hear English’: English Only and the Discourse of Crisis.”  Enculturation 7.2 (2010): np. Online.

“The Limits of Language: Literacy, Morality, and Transformation in Mary Antin's The Promised Land.”  MELUS: Journal of the Society for Ethnic Literature of the United States 34.4 (2009): 81-98.

“Teaching English for A Better America.” Rhetoric Review 27.4 (2008): 397-414

Reviews & Interviews

"Expanding Borders and Forging New Paths:  Perspectives on Writing Research." [with Jennie Vaughn.]   College English 76.1 (2013): 84-89.

“Where do We Go From Here?” Review of Kelly Ritter’s Who Owns School?  Authority, Students, and Online Discourse. Rhetoric Review 31.1 (2012): 85-87.

“A Conversation with Victoria Purcell-Gates.” [Interview].  Community Literacy Journal 4.2 (2010): 19-32. Online. 

Review of Eli Hinkel, Teaching Academic ESL Writing: Practical Techniques in Vocabulary and Grammar. In Composition Studies [On-line Edition] 33.2 (2005).

Review of Tony Silva and Paul Kei Matsuda, Landmark Essays in ESL Writing. In The Reading Matrix 2.1 (2002).