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Fall 2013: EN 654-001--Seminar in Visual/Digital Rhetoric
Spring 2014: EN 512--001--Computers and Writing

Professor Carolyn Handa received her PhD in English from UCLA in 1983. She taught at the University of California, Davis, American River College in Sacramento, CA, and Southern Illinois University Edwardsville before joining UA’s English faculty in 2005. Handa served as Director of Expository Writing at SIUE from 1994 through 2004 and Director of Composition at UA from 2005 through 2008. She currently serves as Assistant Chair.

In 2004 she was chosen to receive the Technology Innovator Award by the Computer Committee of the Conference on College Composition and Communication. In Fall 2010 the University of Alabama’s McNair Scholars Program named Handa a McNair Faculty Fellow. Her research interests are digital rhetoric, technology and writing, composition pedagogy, writing program administration, basic and developmental writing, and the poetry of Elizabeth Bishop.


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