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For over thirty years, Hank Lazer has published poetry in many of America’s leading literary magazines and journals. In 1992, he published Doublespace: Poems 1971-1989 ( New York: Segue), a 192 page collection of poems written in several deliberately conflicting styles. This book, which has received considerable attention, enacts essential conflicts within American literary culture. David Ignatow reads Doublespace as “a noble attempt to bridge the chasm between Language poetry and the traditional anecdotal and meditative poetry of the ‘free form’ mode.” Susan Howe claims that the book “returns to unsettle American cultural inheritance.

Also in 1992, Lazer published INTER(IR)RUPTIONS (Generator Press), ten collage-poems incorporating a wide range of layouts and materials, from baseball batting averages to critical theory, from fashion and interior design columns to neurophysiology research. In 1996, Chax Press published 3 of 10 (which includes H’s Journal, Negation, and Displayspace). In writing about 3 of 10, Marjorie Perloff claims that “Lazer’s is a bravura performance.”

In 2001, Inge Bruggeman of INK-A! Press published a fine press artist’s book Simple Harmonic Motions consisting of eight poems from Lazer’s Days, along with a CD of the author reading the poems and performing them with the Alabama Poetry Ensemble. The book won first place for artists’ books at the Northwest Bookfest. In 2002, Lavender Ink published the complete Days—a 160 page collection which is a laboratory space for experimentation with the resources and possibilities of the short line and for new modes of lyricism. Lyn Hejinian calls Days “a book filled with joy.” Norman Fischer writes that “these are beautiful—and peaceful—poems, signs of a mind and hand immediate with its materials.” Reviewing Days for Rain Taxi, Cynthia Hogue writes, “for all the play of these poems, what draws me the most to Days is the near-spiritual urgency and ethical integrity of Lazer’s poetic inquiry.”

In 2004, Salt Publishing brought out Elegies & Vacations, Lazer’s eleventh book of poetry. Linking elegies to extended journal-like meditations, the eleven poems of Elegies & Vacations are an ambitious attempt to follow Robert Duncan’s directive “to recreate the heart of poetry itself.” The central poem of the book, “Deathwatch for My Father,” tracks the poet’s father’s final months, testing the capacities of innovative poetry in the face of the death of a loved one. Ric Carfagna, reviewing Elegies & Vacations, describes it as “a unique book in its ability to speak with a pure Objectivist’s clarity as well as being suffused throughout with a lyrical, intimate tonality.” Bill Lavender, reviewing Elegies & Vacations for Big Bridge, judges the book to be “a comprehensive examination by a poet who has explored the breadth of contemporary poetics as fully as anyone writing in English today.” Elegies & Vacations was nominated for the Forward Prize.

In early 2005, Singing Horse Press published Lazer’s twelfth book of poetry, The New Spirit. “Prayer,” the first poem in this ten-poem series, received the Balch Prize for Poetry for 2003 from the Virginia Quarterly Review. Jerome Rothenberg reads The New Spirit as “a book-length prayer: a crisis in search of a resolution through language … which connects to the oldest sources of poetry.” Harryette Mullen declares that Lazer’s newest book “returns the soul and its song to their highest aspiration.” Writing for Golden Handcuffs, Donald Revell cites Thoreau’s 1852 journal entry that “the perception of beauty is a moral test,” and Revell concludes that “no poet presently writing in America has a better sense than Lazer of just what such declaration means.” Rachel Back finds The New Spirit remarkable for its ability to sound “the spiritual in a fashion that pulls from ancient traditions but is always linguistically and visually new.” The New Spirit was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize. Lazer has worked with jazz musicians Tom Wolfe and Chris Kozak on improvisatory jazz compositions based on The New Spirit. Lazer, Wolfe, and Kozak have performed their poetry-jazz improvisations in several concerts.

From 2001 to 2006 Lazer worked in a series of poems called Portions. All of the poems in Portions are written in an invented fifty-four word form. With outsider artist Pak, Lazer collaborated on nine poem-paintings which incorporate poems from Portions. The collaborations were exhibited at the Kentuck Gallery (October-November 2006) and formed the backdrop for a musical performance with jazz musicians Tom Wolfe, Chris Kozak, and hip-hop violinist Daniel Bernard Roumain. First Portions, a chapbook selected from the first year of writing Portions, is available as a free download from Ahadada Books ( Chiba, Japan) at

In May 1993, Lazer, along with poets Charles Bernstein and James Sherry, published Language Poems ( Sichuan Literature & Art Publishing House), a bilingual (Chinese-English) collection of poems, along with several essays on contemporary American experimental poetry. In conjunction with the publication of this book, Lazer traveled to China and gave readings, lectures, and discussions in Chengdu, Beijing, Nanjing, and Suzhou as part of a cultural exchange with Chinese poets, scholars, editors, and students.

For the past several years, Lazer has also presented several performance pieces. He has participated in several collaborative performances, including “GardenWorks,” a one month installation and performance with a group of seven artists in Birmingham, Alabama. In 1996, along with dancer-choreographer Cornelius Carter, Lazer co-choreographed “Cantus in Memory,” a dance piece for eight dancers, and he has performed poems from his Days series and The New Spirit with Alabama musician/poets Jake Berry and Wayne Sides.

Over the last decade, Lazer has given poetry readings and lectures at Stanford, Notre Dame, Princeton, Harvard, University of Virginia, Tulane, Columbia, Huntingdon College, the University of California at San Diego, SUNY-Buffalo, Temple, Talladega College, Walt Whitman Arts Center, the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, the University of Southern California, the Modern Languages Association convention, the Associate Writing Programs conference, and the University of South Alabama. In the summer of 2003, Lazer taught a poetry writing course in Madrid for the University of New Orleans’ low residency MFA program. In 2006, Lazer presented a series of talks and readings at Universidad de La Laguna and Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands.

Samples of Lazer’s work can be found at The Electronic Poetry Center ( and PennSound (

In addition to his poetry, Lazer is a noted critic of modern and contemporary poetry. In 1996, Northwestern University Press published Opposing Poetries, a two volume collection (Volume 1: Issues and Institutions and Volume 2: Readings) of Lazer’s essays on contemporary poetry. For over a decade, his essays on innovative poetry, new modes of lyricism, and representations of spiritual experience have appeared in a variety of journals, including Facture, The Boston Review, Jacket, American Poetry Review, and Talisman. In 2008, Omnidawn will publish Lyric & Spirit: Selected Essays, 1996-2008. In 2007, Lazer presented a talk on Jewish Poetics for the Duffy Lecture at Notre Dame.

Lazer, born and raised in San Jose, California, received an A.B. degree in English from Stanford University; in addition, he holds M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in English from the University of Virginia. A Professor of English at the University of Alabama where he has taught since 1977, Lazer served as Assistant Dean for Humanities and Fine Arts from 1991 to 1997, and as Assistant Vice President for Undergraduate Programs and Services from 1997 to 2006. He is presently the Associate Provost for Academic Affairs.

Lazer's work has been nominated for the 2005 Pulitzer Prize and the 2004 Forward Prize, and won the 2003 Emily Clark Balch Prize for Poetry from the Virginia Quarterly Review.

[revised: 1/6/2008]


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The Joseph P. Duffy Lecture – University of Notre Dame, November 14, 2007

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Emily Clark Balch Prize for Poetry, Virginia Quarterly Review, 2003

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Pak (James Nichols) – Nine poem-painting collaborations: Avant, Awake, Book, Dream, Edge, House, Humid, Script, Something. Exhibited at Kentuck Gallery ( Northport, Alabama) October-November 2006.