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M. Tyler Sasser holds a Ph.D. in English from the University of Southern Mississippi, a M.A. in English from Georgia Southern University, and a B.A. in English and Psychology from Mercer University. He specializes in early modern literature and children’s literature, having particular interests in Shakespeare and childhood studies. His teaching and research interests expand to include drama, adaptation studies, gender studies, African-American children’s literature, Tennessee Williams, and film. He teaches early British literature, composition, the Bible as liteature, and children's literature.

He completed his dissertation, “Shakespeare and Boyhood: Early Modern Representations and Contemporary Appropriations,” in December 2014. Working with a variety of texts, from early modern drama to conduct books, midwifery manuals, polemic pamphlets, and children’s literature, this project questions prevailing critical notions that boys in Shakespeare and their afterlives are trivial and instead proposes that they are central to understanding the playwright’s engagement with a range of masculine ideals.

He is an accomplished amateur guitar, mandolin, and dulcimer player, and during his free time, he enjoys paddling on the Black Warrior River. He owns a basset hound named after the Delta blues legend “Stagger Lee.”

Sasser also directs "UA in Italy: Following Shakespeare throughout Venice, Florence, Rome, and Sicily," a study abroad program that takes students throughout Italy as the study several of the places where Shakespeare's plays take place.

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     *Winner of the 2014 International Children's Literature Association Graduate Essay Award

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