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EN 411 Advanced Studies in Comparative or Multicultural Literature: Memoir and the Modern Exiled Writer
EN 411 Advanced Studies in Comparative or Multicultural Literature: African Literature
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EN 102 English Composition II
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Paige McCormick is engaged in the study of colonial and post-colonial African artistic production (literature and film), beginning with an MA in Post-Colonial History and Literature at North Carolina State University (1998), culminating in a one-hour documentary film of a poet and soldier of Nigeria’s Biafran War (1967-1970).  Her research interests grew out of her Nigerian roots, where she was born and lived until coming to the United States for university. She continued her study of post-colonial critical theory during her PhD coursework at the University of Alabama (2009), exploring literary progression in Nigerian author Chinua Achebe’s manuscripts while the Rodney G. Dennis Visiting Fellow in the Study of Manuscripts at Houghton Library, Harvard University.  McCormick remains engaged in the production of literature in English by subjects of former British colonies as well as in contemporary African literatures.