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EN 101 Freshman Composition
EN 102 Freshman Composition
EN 103 Advanced Freshman Composition
EN 200 Intro. to Creative Writing
EN 205 English Literature I
EN 215 Honors English Literature I
EN 206 English Literature II
EN 216 Honors English Literature II
EN 209 American Literature I
EN 219 Honors American Literature I
EN 210 American Literature II
EN 220 Honors American Literature II
EN 207 World Literature I
EN 208 World Literature II
EN 300 Intro. to English Studies
EN 301 Prose Tour
EN 311 William Blake: The Marriage of Poetry & Art
EN 365 Modern American Fiction
EN 401 Advanced Fiction Workshop
EN 311 Poetry for the Ages
UH 120 Comon Book Experience: The Educated Imagination
UH 120 Comon Book Experience: The Brothers Karamazov
UH 300 Nothing
EN 403 Advanced Poetry Workshop
EN 308 Forms—“The End of Time: Prophetic and Visionary Writing”
EN 308 Forms—“Always We Begin Again: Creation Stories”
EN 311 Cormac McCarthy
UH 300 Dante
UH 210 The Language of the Spirit
UH 300 Masculinity in Literature
EN 408 Allusion & Archetype

Scott McWaters holds a BS in Secondary Education Language Arts from the University of Alabama and an MFA in Fiction from the University of Memphis. He has been an Instructor since 2002 and is a three-time finalist for the University's Last Lecture Award, as well as a recipient of the department's Outstanding Teaching Award by an Instructor. In order to support his children, McWaters also teaches a course in the Honors College every semester. In the fall he talks about Dante, and in the spring he talks about William Blake. Scott McWaters pecked The Bird Trilogy, which consists of Godliness & Other Unheard Stories, A Fundamentalist Bares All, and The Empty Nest. Pieces from these three books have appeared in various journals over the past decade. He is presently working on the only novel he will ever write, a modern (loose) retelling of Homer's Iliad from the viewpoint of Jesus.  


Tuskaloosa Kills, Spork Press, 2018