Pure Products: A Reading Series for the Community

Pure Products is a reading series that had been run by faculty member, Eric Parker, in 2017. Dr. Sara Hughes took over the project, in 2018 (see her update at the end of this article). In this interview, Dr. Shanti Weiland and Eric Parker discuss the origins of Pure Products and his plans for its future. You have recently rebooted the Pure Products Reading Series. What was your vision? When I paired with Andy Johnson to take over Pure Products in fall […]

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Student Writer’s Guild (SWG) and English Majors and Minors Association (EMMA) Make English Students Feel At Home

It’s two weeks before Halloween, and Camryn Walker sits with a cadre of undergraduates on Morgan 301’s couches to watch The Babadook, an Australian horror film about a monster that uses a book as a portal into our world. The movie is a fitting choice for this crowd, a collection of scribblers known as the Student Writer’s Guild (SWG). Walker, a junior, is both a writer and an English major. As such, she’s found a home in both the SWG […]

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Dr. Heather White Discusses Marianne Moore

When was your first experience with Moore’s poetry? I first read Moore as an undergraduate. I found her baffling. I read her again as a graduate student and was hooked by her descriptive precision, her baroque syntax, her ear for found language, and her wit. Have you been able to visit and explore the places where she lived, walked, or worked? I believe I’ve visited all three! Moore spent her adult life in Manhattan and Brooklyn. The Brooklyn apartment where […]

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Spring 2018: Masthead

The Scarlet Newsletter is a production of the Department of English at The University of Alabama. “Pure Products: A Reading Series for the Community” By Dr. Shanti Weiland “Student Writer’s Guild (SWG) and English Majors and Minors (EMMA) Make English Students Feel At Home” By Dr. Wells Addington “Alumna Profile: Candace Chambers” by Van Newell, MFA “Faculty Profile: Dr. Dorothy Worden” By Dr. Mary Margaret Popova “Dr. Heather White Discusses Marianne Moore” by Van Newell, MFA “A Conversation About John Keats […]

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Alumna Profile: Candace Chambers

Candace Chambers is a scholar of English. She serves as CEO of Educational Writing Services LLC, and the author of Write Your Way to a Successful Scholarship Essay. Candace is currently working as a Public Affairs writer/editor with the United States Department of Agriculture. She has also served as an Assistant Director of the writing center at the University of Alabama. In addition, Candace served as a writing consultant at Jackson State University, the University of Alabama, and Shelton State Community College, where she was […]

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Faculty Profile: Dr. Dorothy Worden

Dorothy Worden joined the faculty at The University of Alabama in 2016. Her research and teaching interests include second language writing teacher cognition, genre-based approaches to academic writing instruction, sociocultural theory, and the analysis of classroom interaction. Prior to coming to Alabama, Dorothy received her MA in Composition and Rhetoric from Washington State University in 2008 and her PhD in Applied Linguistics from Penn State University in 2015. What influences led you to a career in Applied Linguistics? I always […]

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A Conversation About John Keats with Dr. William Ulmer

Not long after the publication of his third book, John Keats: Reimagining History, in 2017, Professor William A. Ulmer sat down with Dr. Sara Pirkle Hughes and discussed his writing process for the book, why he fanboys over John Keats, and his secret desire to one day write a spy novel. Why don’t we start by talking about your writing process? How long did it take to write this book? I wrote this book in about two years. That’s super […]

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2017 Symposium

Black/White Intimacies: Reimagining History, the South, and the Western Hemisphere Department of English, University of Alabama Hotel Capstone, Tuscaloosa, Alabama This two-day symposium explores interracial interactions and the forming of American culture during the antebellum period and beyond. We will be joined by a host of emerging and established scholars from academic institutions in the United States and France, who will help us address questions such as the following: What were the limitations of interracial intimacies and how might people […]

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2015 Symposium

Literature of Status / Status of Literature Friday, March 6, 2015 Session One: Jane Austen 8:30am-9:30am Anticipatory Ecofeminism: Jane Austen and the Status of Women Shelby Heathcoat (University of North Alabama) Marketing the Roots of Englishness and the Geography of a Transnational Jane Austen Deirdre Mikolajcik (University of Kentucky) Session Two: Slave Narratives 9:45am-10:45am Broken English, Broken Morality: European Language as a Symbol of Virtue in The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano Samantha S. Caddis (University of […]

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2013 Symposium

Elemental Ecocriticism Sponsored by: The Hudson Strode Program in Renaissance Studies Department of English, The University of Alabama College of Arts and Sciences, The University of Alabama Thursday 4/25: 8 pm:  Keynote Address.  Greensboro Room at the Bama Theater, downtown Tuscaloosa.  Doors open at 7:30 pm. Cary Wolfe, “The Biopolitics of Human and Animal Bodies” Cary Wolfe is Bruce and Elizabeth Dunlevie Professor of English at Rice University, where he is also founding director of 3CT:  Center for Critical and […]

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