EGO Composition Teaching Award Application

The application consists of the following:

  1. A cover sheet with the following information (and only the following information, in this order:
    • Your Name
    • Your Home Address
    • Your Phone Number
    • Your Email Address
    • Your Teaching Schedule This Semester
  2. A portfolio of materials that includes the following, none of which should have your name on them:
    • Teaching Philosophy: A 1-2 page document explaining your overall philosophy of  teaching composition, any pedagogical theories fundamental to your philosophy, your goals  in the classroom, and how your specific teaching techniques accomplish those goals.
    • Syllabus: Course policies and assignment schedule for the entire semester
    • One Unit of Materials: Please include lesson plans, homework assignments, in-class activities, handouts, writing assignments, and rubrics for one paper/unit. Essentially, show  us what tools you used to teach a particular unit from beginning to end.
    • Teaching Observations: All candidates are responsible for scheduling two back-to-back observations of their teaching. One of the award’s five judges will observe one class period, and  another judge will come in to observe the next day that class meets. This allows multiple judges to offer their perspectives to the rest of the panel and gives us a better idea of how applicants lead into and follow up on their in-class lessons/activities. As much as it’s possible, it is in your best interest to schedule your observations on days that you can showcase your teaching abilities. Peer review days and other lessons that  don’t involve any/much participation from you don’t give us much to judge.

NOTE: All portfolio materials other than the cover sheet must be anonymous. Make sure your name has been deleted or thoroughly blacked out on every single page. Applicants who fail to do this will be disqualified.