Tasha Coryell

Tasha Coryell

Senior Instructor


  • MFA, Creative Writing, The University of Alabama


Tasha Coryell is originally from St. Paul, Minnesota. She received her BA from Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois where she majored in creative writing and double minored in gender and women studies and German. Following her graduation from Knox, she received a Fulbright Fellowship to teach English in Freistadt, Austria. She then went on to get her MFA in creative writing from The University of Alabama. She is currently working on two novels, a short story collection and a book of prose poems. You may find more information and writing at



  • “Old Women and their Rolling Bags,” Queen Mob’s Tea House 
  • “Because the Body Becomes,” Parcel 
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Novel Excerpts

  • “This Isn’t Really About Fishing,” Cartridge Lit 2014
  • “This Isn’t Really About Fishing,” Hobart (Online) October 2013

Poetry & Prose Poems

  • “Your body is too ____ for me baby: 2001,” “Crazy in Love, 2003,” “Countdown,” It Was
  • Written: An Anthology of Poetry Inspired by Hip-Hop (forthcoming)
  • “Marianne and I,” Winter Tangerine Review March 2015
  • “Marianne Claws Out A Man’s Eyes,” “Marianne Grows a Baby,” “Marianne Grows Claws,”
  • “Marianne Collects Fish,” This January 2015
  • “The Time Marianne Gave Birth To A Plastic Baby,” “Marianne’s Mother,” “Marianne Breaks
  • all her babies” Noble/Gas Quarterly January 2015
  • “Dear Michelle,” Sundog Lit 2014
  • “Norm Coleman,” Liver of Dixie—Stories from Egan’s April 2013
  • “Cliff Clavin,” Liver of Dixie—Stories from Egan’s   April 2013
  • “Horoscope,” Dogzplot Collaboration with Michelle Gerber November 2010
  • “Crevice,” Dogzplot Collaboration with Michelle Gerber November 2010
  • “Cowboy Coffee,” Catch May 2010


  • “All Timelines For The Minnesota Timberwolves Relate Back To Someone Named Kevin,”
  • DIAGRAM (forthcoming), Enter Your Initials Here For Record Keeping by Brian Oliu
  • “Bake Until A Crust Forms,” Ex Ex Midwest (forthcoming)


  • Writer Interview, Rappahannock Review (forthcoming)
  • “When Things Get Too Messy New Life Start to Form,” The Collagist March 2015
  • Writer/Gamer Q&A, Catridge Lit 2014

Works in Progress

  • This Isn’t Really About Fishing, a novel about love and fame on the internet
  • Marianne Breaks All Her Babies, a collection of prose poems
  • We’re Handling It Internally, a novel about murderous sorority girls
  • When Things Get Too Messy New Life Starts To Form, a collection of short stories