Why Major in English?

Seth Stevens

The English major has allowed me to understand the world from a number of different disciplines simultaneously. I get to wear the hats of anthropologist, sociologist, historicist, feminist, and more (often at the same time). I also enjoy the depth of the material in upper-level classes like my seminar on British Romantic poets. In this class, we plunge into the works of just a few authors with Professor Bill Ulmer, a specialist whose wisdom on the topic is inexhaustible. What I love about the class is the way we get to the core of basic human experiences—grief, suffering, and redemption to name a few—and really sit with them.

When not in class I participate in other English programs while also preparing for graduate school. Our chapter of the Sigma Tau Delta National English Honors Society offers community as well as opportunities beyond campus. Each year the combined chapters attend a convention—this year in Cincinnati I’ll have a chance to present my work. After graduating from UA, I plan to matriculate into medical school. My English major will give me the sociocultural background as well as the communication skills necessary to be a great physician, and I’m grateful to have studied English in preparation for my medical career.

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Seth Stevens

English Major, Psychology and Biology Minors, University Honors College