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Lauren Cardon is an Assistant Professor of English on the clinical track, specializing in twentieth-century and contemporary American literature as well as composition. Professor Cardon earned her PhD and Masters degrees from Tulane University. Her second book, Fashion and Fiction: Self-Transformation in American Literature, argues that that canonical U.S. authors symbolically use clothing, as well as an evolving fashion industry, to tell their stories of self-fashioning. Authors Edith Wharton, Theodore Dreiser, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway, and Nella Larsen, among others, map a shift from a class-conscious fashion industry governed by Parisian designers to a transatlantic industry of mass consumption governed by fashion journalism. Cardon's first book, The "White Other" in American Intermarriage Stories, 1945-2008, was published by Palgrave MacMillan as part of the Signs of Race Series. She has also published articles in MELUS, Change, Southern Quarterly, and The Saul Bellow Journal


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Fashion and Fiction: Self-Transformation in Twentieth-Century American Literature. University of Virginia Press, Forthcoming, 2016.

The "White Other" in American Intermarriage Stories, 1945-2008. Palgrave, 2012.




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