Morgan 217
EN 101: English Composition I
EN 102: English Composition II
EN 103: Advanced English Composition
EN 209: American Literature I
EN 319: Technical Writing

David Bedsole holds a BA in English from Huntingdon College, and a MA in Professional Communication from Clemson University. He is currently a doctoral candidate in English (Rhetoric and Composition) at Florida State University

In his ten years of college teaching, he has developed and taught courses in communication theory, visual communication, and all kinds of writing and editing. He studies technology, professional communication, multimodality (an academic word for multimedia), ethics, and writing assessment, and writes about those things. He is the General Editor (as of January 2017) of Kalos Press.

He also occasionally publishes poetry and fiction, and has been known to write and perform original music.

This is his third year at the University of Alabama. He maintains an infrequently-updated web presence at

In progress
Dissertation prospectus: Striking a Chord: Playing (with) Music in the Writing Classroom

Short fiction: "Sunday Roast" 

Upcoming publications
"Using WAW in an Upper-Level Professional Writing and Editing Course." Vignette chapter in Next Steps: New Directions for/in Writing About Writing.

"Jan Tschichold’s Renunciation: The Anatomy and Ethics of a Typographic Reversal." Chapter for forthcoming Type Matters: The Rhetoricity of Letterforms.

"The FSU Digital Symposium: Origins, Reflections, Revisions." Under consideration for Computers & Composition Online. With Jacob Craig and Rory Lee. 

Recent publications
"To the Dog Next Door Who Barks All Day." (p. 121. Poem). Journal of the Assembly for the Expanded Perspectives on Learning.

“The Genome, the Meme, and the Teme Go Off the Map: Observing Naming, Metaphor, and Circulation in Three Contested Terms.” Chapter 11 in Rhetorics of Names and Naming, Routledge (Studies in Rhetoric and Communication series).