Department Resources

Diversity Committee

The Diversity Committee solicits, collates, and acts upon information regarding institutional diversity efforts in the department. The Committee is responsible for producing an annual report on all diversity efforts in the Department for inclusion in the Department’s annual report. This committee is composed of Tenure-Track/NTRC faculty (one of whom serves as committee chair), Full Time Instructors, and an undergraduate student.

Members of the 2022/2023 Committee: Emily Wittman (Chair), Albert Pionke (Diversity Initiative), Brooke Champagne (Diversity Initiative), Ali Fuad Selvi, Bonnie Whitener, Amrita Bakshi, Estelle Hadley

Diversity Initiative

Two Chair-appointed co-coordinators work with the Chair, the Diversity Committee, and other interested parties within and outside of the department to promote and support diversity within the department and its programs. These efforts also extend outside the department, whether through outreach activities or through sponsorship or partnership with other agents and groups affiliated with the university.

Co-Coordinators for the 2022/2023 academic year: Brooke Champagne and Albert Pionke

TOCC (Teachers of Color Caucus)

The TOCC is a support system established by teachers of color who are committed to providing a safe space for all teachers of color, including Writing Center consultants, large-lecture TAs, Literature, and Composition GTAs, to receive support through dialogue, sharing and development of resources, and community-building events. This committee is chaired by a GTA.

Co-Chairs for the 2022/2023 academic year: Kaush Suresh and Halak Pandya.

AAWE (African American Women in English)

AAWE, African American Women in English, is a race-specific support group in the English Department designed to retain and nurture the intellectual development of African-American students. It began as a group for women but has since expanded to include African Americans of any gender identity. The mission of AAWE is to provide fellowship, a sense of community, and professionalization opportunities for its members.