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Any student with a superior aptitude for and a special interest in English may apply for admission to the honors program in English. The program includes special classes for EN 205 (EN 215), EN 206 (EN 216), EN 207 (217), EN 208 (218), EN 209 (EN 219), EN 210 (EN 220), EN 249 (251), and EN 250 (252), eligibility for the Junior Honors Seminar in English (EN 399), and the completion of an Honors Thesis (EN 499).

Current honors program coordinators are Steve Tedeschi and Deborah Weiss. The coordinators will register students in the program, keep track of their individual progress, and be available for advice and guidance throughout a student’s undergraduate career.

Learn more about Honors in English, including course requirements and course descriptions, from the UA Undergraduate Catalog.

How to Apply

Fill out the form attached below and return to Professor Tedeschi.

Honors in English–Program Application