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Graduate Courses

The Department of English has designed its graduate courses to allow students a sharper and more intimate study of their chosen subjects. With course offerings ranging from the study of Old English to the modern American novel to the teaching of composition to fiction and poetry workshops to everything in between, students have the option of focusing purposefully on a specific era or author, or equipping themselves with a sampling of a variety of subjects. In either case, upon completion of their coursework, they will find themselves that much more prepared for their next academic or career step.

500-Level courses cover a vast array of topics, from The Development of English Grammar to Special Topics in English Literature. These courses offer both overviews and more detailed study of the subjects, assisting students in generating ideas and developing a map for their own individualized study.

600-Level courses allow graduate students to explore subjects of interest in the more intimate and conversational setting of the graduate seminar. Smaller class sizes make for a greater attention and consideration of student ideas and writing.

Course Availability

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Course Descriptions

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Detailed Course Descriptions, by Semester