Major & Minor Requirements

The English Major

The Department of English offers a bachelor of arts (BA) degree in English literature. Degree requirements include courses in not only literature but also theory, writing, or linguistics.

You can enroll in the English major by declaring the major online under the “Student” tab in myBama.

Learn more about required courses and UA’s general education requirements in the UA Undergraduate Catalog.

Departmental Honors in English

Students can earn Departmental Honors by writing a Senior Thesis. The English Department offers students an independent thesis option in all four of its subfields: literary studies, linguistics, rhetoric and composition, and creative writing. Learn more about Departmental Honors in English.


The Department of English offers three minors:

There are also four interdisciplinary minors that require not only English courses but also electives chosen from other departments, such as Modern Languages and Classics, Religious Studies, Anthropology, and Communicative Disorders:

Visit the UA Undergraduate Catalog for information about all our minor programs, including course requirements.