Hey Graduate Students: Tell Us When You Publish!

If you’re a graduate student and have published work recently, please let the Director of Graduate Studies or Director of Creative Writing know! The department will announce the good news to everyone at the end of each semester.

News and Social Media

English faculty, students, staff, and alumni, please submit news for the department newsletter and social media channels.

Class Cancellations

Teachers, please report class cancellations.

Room Reservations

To reserve a room in English Building for a public or internal meeting or event, email specifying the room you want to reserve, date, time, and purpose. You will receive an email confirmation when your room reservation is completed. Do not advertise your event or submit it for publication on the department’s public and/or internal calendar until you receive confirmation of your room reservation.


View our public events calendar. Add a public event to the departmental calendar by selecting “Department of English” category at this link. You will receive an email confirmation when your event has been added to the calendar. If you need to reserve a room in English Building for your public event, please do that first (see instructions above), and await confirmation of your room reservation before submitting your event to the public events calendar.

View our internal administrative calendar. To add any internal department meeting or event to our administrative calendar, email specifying location, date, time, and purpose. You will receive an email confirmation when your event has been added to the calendar.

Digital Signs

Please advertise your public events on the digital signs in English Building, Ten Hoor, and other A&S buildings. It is free to do, and reaches a large audience. Simply fill out a digital sign event ad request.

Accessing the Department’s Shared Network Drive

The Department maintains records and resources for graduate students, faculty, and staff on a shared network drive. These instructions explain how to access the share drive off campus via VPN. To access the share drive on campus from your office computer, contact the IT Service Desk at

Website Login and Editing Help

If you are an authorized site editor, log into the department’s website. You can also reset your password at this link by clicking the link below the login box. Faculty, staff, and graduate students can become editors so long as they complete the eTech Accessibility Course. How to take the Accessibility Course.

View a general guide to WordPress.

If you have access, here is a guide to Editing Directory Profiles.

Department administrators have site editing privileges for their areas and may find this information helpful: Switching between the main site and program sites