Undergraduate Program

Why Major in English?

When you’re studying texts that are nearly 1,000 years old and find that they still testify accurately to what it means to live and love, the world feels somehow larger and smaller all at once. This description is also a great way to characterize the English Department itself: a small community nested within the relatively large UA campus.

Gretchen Lund, English Major, Spanish Minor, University Honors College
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a young woman
I’ve had the opportunity to … intern with a book publisher, a magazine, and a Fortune 50 company; and hone my writing enough to get twice published. Read More
a young man
The English major has allowed me to understand the world from a number of different disciplines simultaneously. Read More
a young woman
I’m so grateful not only for the great education I’ve received in this department, but also for the sense of community it provides. Read More
a young man
I have been surprised at how my major has led me to engagements throughout and even beyond campus. Read More
a young woman
Being an English major makes me feel connected to a community of like-minded individuals. Read More
Gretchen Lund
The best part about being an English major is the opportunity to gain a more nuanced understanding of the human condition. Read More