Isabelle Stephen


Degree Program: MFA

Research Areas

  • Ecopoetics
  • Emergent strategy & pleasure activism
  • Eritical perspectives on reality television
  • Queer/Crip/Deep Time theories
  • Audre Lorde


BA in English and Creative Writing, Concordia University

Selected Publications

“Supertarget Sisyphus.” Nonfiction micro-chap. <em>Ghost City Press</em>, 2023.

Eating My Words.” Nonfiction. <em>Cherub Mag</em>, 2023.

“On Desire” and “Litany in which tenderness is used as currency.” Poetry. <em>Touched on the Surface: A Zine</em>, 2021.

Girls from Venus.” Fiction. <em>yolk. literary</em>, 2020.

“Good Feeding.” Nonfiction. <em>The Void</em>, 2020.

“911.” Poetry. <em>Plasma Dolphin</em<, 2019.