Matthews Elementary – Monster Poems


My weather monster is as long as

A school

It has black and yellow eyes like

A bumblebee

It carries a lightning bolt in its hand

It’s nice because it makes rain

To water plants and defend

It’s friends

It likes to eat bananas like a monkey

My monster flies like a cloud


My weather monster is as big as a


It has black and yellow eyes like a bumble


It carries a lightning bolt in its hand

It’s nice…because it makes rain

To water plants and defend its

Friends. He like to eat bananas like a

Monkey. My monster flies like a cloud.


My monster is 20 feet tall

My monster is so …

My monster is so cute like a puppy

How My Monster is

I want a dragon for my monster and it could be

Orange and red and scary as a vampire.

And big as an elephant and nice.

It sneaks in peoples’ houses and eats their

Cand. He breathes fire. And it lives

Under the water and eats all of the

Fishes. And its name is spooky dragon.

He likes to scare people in their houses.

It can throw snowballs to play with

Kids. And my dragon likes to fly

Me around. But even if it is nice

It likes to eat people’s candy.

And its superpower is that it can

Make ice with its claws. And it has

Sharp teeth like a shark. And super

Fast as a flash.

My Massive Monster

It is as big as a house.

It likes to eat your food.

My monster is brown.

It likes to dig.

It can breathe fire.

It is very nice.

If you make it mad it will be mean to you.

It can shock you like a laser.

It will lick you like a dog.

It will keep you safe like a guard.

My Monster’s Life

My monster is as fluffy as a sheep

My monster is pink and blue like cotton candy

My monster pranks people like a…


My monster would be gigantic as a hotel building

And my monster can change colors as a

Holographic t-shirt and breathes water to drown

People like an ocean, and it has a tail as a

Cat and it could not die. My monster would

Be nice and mean, and protects everybody in the

Whole entire world and my monster gets grumpy

When we don’t give him hersheys and roars like

A t-rex.

My Fly monster

My fly monster is taller than


And he has big wings and he has

Four wings, his wings purple, wings

with a big bun. My fly monster

has a closed eyes and it burns

Fire and it has a cat tail

And the other eye can see far

Like a telescope. He protects like

My mom and dad and he is nice

And mean and he can buy me

Candy and he is fluffy like slime

And he likes hershey’s

The Dragon Dog

My dragon dog is as big as earth

She lives in outer space.

My monster is pink and

striped blue.

My monster glitters

and sparkles.

She can travel to

different planets like an


She can eat more

Fish than a shark.

My monster is friendly as

A puppy.

She has pink acrylic


My monster has pink and blue lips.

The Clown

My clown lives in the woods. If you

Go in there he will kill you on halloween

Night. Jason and the clown beat each other

Up. They fight with fire swords. The monster

Was my clown. He got Mcdonalds. My

Clown’s got a red nose and red hair. My clown will be scary.

What my monster likes to do


My monster is going to

Be scary as a ghost

And she’s as big as a car.

She likes to go fishing like

A human.

She is orange and black,

White stripes like a zebra

My monster is a mean monster. She likes to

Sneak in people’s houses and

Eat their food and chocolate

Mint ice cream.

My monster likes …

She has fire powers

My monster is my


My monster is …

We go on…

Together. My monster has

Horns like a triceratops.

A Fire Monster

It has sharp nails like teeth

And teel like razor blades

And it moves fast as rockets

And it is sticky like slimes

And breathes fire like a stove

And it sucks people’s blood like a vampire

And it can fly like a plane

And it has arms like wings.