Matthews Elementary – Planet Poems

Laniya’s Planet

My planet is shaped like a triangle

It is as furry as Sully

It is as colorful as a rainbow

It has wings like a butterfly

It has a googly eye

It has a crown like a queen

Food Land

It is shaped like a burger.

It has all types of food.

It has one easy bake oven.

It has a people as small as a fairy.

The tiny people eat for fun.

And one day Keegan visited Food Land

And then Keegan went home

And he was fat like a meatball

The end.

My Space Poem

My planet is so big, it is bigger than

the world. My planet is shaped like

a heart. My planet celebrates every

Christmas. My planet has lots of

people on it. My planet has rainbow

stores and everybody visits everyday.

My planets have restaurants. Thanks.

Mason’s Planet

My planet is bigger than

the sun and as blue as a

dolphin. It is made out

of rock like a dirt road

It is full of superheros

My Crazy Planet – Larell Hamner

My planet is an oval and on it, it

has roblox characters and its going

to have all types of pets and animals

and candy and there is going to be all types of

it and it is going to have a tree of

bath bombs on the outside. It

is going to be aqua and pink.

My planet will be made out of

donuts and the sky is going to

be made out of sprinkles like a

Krispy Kreme.

My Summer Planet – Whitney

My planet is a round circle and it has lines.

My planet has lots of beach balls.

Mt planet has lots of dirt.

My parents live with me on my planet.

The best part is the pools and the hot tub.

The pool has pizza floaties and donut floaties.

The sky is as black as a nightfury.

My planet has a dragon that is as big as a house.

What is my planet?

My Candy Planet – Brenda

My planet will be round like a bubblegum

ball. It will have lollipops on the aqua green trees

and ring around my planet is a rainbow because its

made out of sprinkles. My candy planet will

have a waterpark made out of sour straws and a

Castle made of hershey bars and nutella bread

Sticks. My candy planet will have stores made out

of sour patch kids.

Candy Land

The floor is slime like gum

The houses are gingerbread like cookies

The water is purple like outer space

It has gumdrops leading to my houses

You stay young like a kid

Gum is as good as chocolate

We eat pizza

It is beautiful like a flower


we eat cake

we eat ice cream

it comes once a year

it makes you bigger

we are happy

it is special

it is a holiday

My Tasty Planet – Sherylin

My planet is made out of sweet

candy. And every year is snows

but in my planet it snows ice cream

and everyone takes big cups and

fills them up and me too. When it

Rains it rains gummy worms.

The sun is a big fluffy ball

of yellow cotton candy.

My Planet – Dayana Vera

I want my planet to have cotton candy in it.

I would like it to be

cold like ice cream. I want it to be

pink and purple with little sprinkles.

My house would be full of gummy

bears and my friends would always

have slumber parties in cold snow.

Its shape is a circle like a ball.