Matthews Elementary – Riddle Poems

My Summer

By: Whitney

It is burning hot outside

I am outside playing with my friends

We are playing freeze tag

We eat good pizza and ice cream

We don’t have long school days

I like watching Netflix

I like playing with sticky slime

We like swimming at the pool

Christmas Plans

By: Brenda

I got tons of presents under my tree,

Outside it is very freezing and there are many bright lights.

It gets louder and louder whenever we open our presents,

Everyone gets up and shakes hands and then they hug each other.

I feel stuffed when I eat my yummy food and dessert,

Then we will have fun in the soft and cold snow.


By: Laniya

It lives in the wavy ocean blue.

It has a sharp pointy fin.

It has huge scary teeth.

It eats many sea animals, even large fish.

It is cloudy gray or navy blue.

It sneaks up quickly when it sees people or fish.

It swims everywhere in the water.

The Mall

By: Tramiya

I buy clothes and shoes,

I go there with my mom and my little baby sister.

I see beautiful colorful stores.

I see lots of toys like diaries,

I see dolls and they are big and on the shelves.

I go to American Deli at the food court.

I see big parking lots.

The parking lots are black, yellow, and white lines.

In the parking lots there are many different cars,

packed like gummy bears in a pocket,

or pages in a book.


By: Dayana

It is like ice and I can play outside.

I can get all the blankets out,

I can wear lots of scarves, cozy jackets, and hats,

And I can make cool things outside.

I can drink coffee and hot chocolate.

I can lay on the cold floor,

But sometimes I get sick and sneeze.

I like the weather because it is chilly.

I can throw snowballs, play, and have fun.

Polar bears like the cold too.


By: ???

It is so quick.

It has black spots.

It is light yellow.

It has sharp fangs.

It has razor blade nails.

It is a type of wild cat.

The Alien

By: ???

It is dark, vomit green.

It is slimy.

It has devil eyes.

It lives on the moon.

They have pointy teeth.

They munch on people.

They are in a lot of movies.


By: Sherlyn

It is cold outside,

I have to wear a scarf, hat, jackets, boots, and gloves.

I like to make snowmen,

and throw snowballs with my brothers and sisters.

I like to touch the soft snow but it is cold.

I like to make snow angels in the snow.

I like to lay down on the snow but it is really cold like ice.

The Sphinx

By: Mason

He lives beside the triangular prism.

His home is the Nile River.

He has a human head and a lion body.

It’s the king of Egypt,

And it looks like it’s crawling or sitting in a chair.