Christopher Love

Christopher Love



  • PhD, English, University of Southern Mississippi
  • MA, English, University of Tennessee
  • BA, English, University of Memphis, Minor in French Literature

Research Areas

  • 20th/21st Century American and British Literature
  • Gothic Studies
  • African American Literature


Courses Taught:

EN 311 American Gothic Literature

EN 250 African American Literature II

EN 249 African American Literature I

EN 220 American Literature II Honors

EN 219 American Literature I Honors

EN 216 British Literature II Honors

EN 210 American Literature II

EN 209 American Literature I

EN 206 British Literature II

EN 205 British Literature I

EN 103 Honors Composition

EN 102 Composition

EN 101 Composition


Selected Publications


  • “Updike, Melville, and the Domestic Novel: A Month of Sundays and Pierre; or, the Ambiguities” with Dr. Jeffrey Pusch, John Updike Review Summer (2019): 111-129
  • “Robert Frost: Gothic Poet.” Robert Frost Review Spring (2012): 42-63
  • “Gothic Poems in North of Boston.” Synergy Journal Spring (2011): 127-133
  • “Race and Space: William Wells Brown, Clotel, and Racial Spaces.” Black Magnolias Literary Journal 3.2 (2009): 22-28.


  • “The Last Night of Big ‘B’ Townes” Arkansas Review December 2018
  • “La Vampire du Vieux Carre” Opiate Magazine July 2018
  • “Letters from the Dead” Dual Coast Magazine July 2018
  • Crescent Garden (2007, Evermore Books)


  • “Gerald Horne’s Black Revolutionary: William Patterson and the Globalization of the African American Freedom Struggle.” Journal for the Study of Radicalism, Spring 2015.