David Deutsch

David Deutsch



  • PhD, English, Ohio State University, 2011

Research Areas

  • 20th-Century British Literature
  • Late American Literature


Professor David Deutsch earned his PhD at the Ohio State University in 2011, having previously earned his MA and BA from the University of Georgia. He joined the Department of English at The University of Alabama in 2011.

He is the current chair of the Department of English.

Selected Publications


Articles and Essays

  • “A Modern Pietà: Hugh Auchincloss Steers’ Hospital Bed and Reconceiving a Holy Family.” Source: Notes in the History of Art 42.4 (2023): 289-298.
  • “Ecstatic Queer Nature: Flowers, Seeds, and Everyday Joys in the Painting of Jonathan Lyndon Chase.” QSMPC 6.3 (2021): 255-270.
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  • “John Rechy’s Bad Beatitudes: Surviving the Desire for Salvation.” TSLL 61.3 (Fall 2019): 244-69.
  • “Jim Grimsley’s Boulevard and Queer New Orleans Flâneuries.” LIT 28.4 (Fall 2017): 296-316.
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  • “To ‘Ennoble and Fortify’: Pater’s Oxonian Musical Ideal.” The Pater Newsletter 65 (2015): 5-25.
  • “Art and Imperfection: Zola’s L’Oeuvre.” AJFS 52.1 (2015): 73-86.
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  • “Reconnecting Music to Howards End.” LIT 21.3 (2010): 163-86.


  • “Early Modernist Travel Writing and Travel Fiction.”  English Literature in Transition 59.3 (2016): 413-17. (Review of Robert Burden’s Travel, Modernism and Modernity).
  • “A True Spectrum of Queer North Carolina Writing.”  NCLR (2020): online. (Review of Wilton Barnhardt’s edited collection Every True Pleasure: LGBTQ Tales of North Carolina).