Fred Whiting

Fred Whiting

Associate Professor
Director, Blount Scholars Program


  • PhD, English, University of Chicago

Research Areas

  • Late American Literature
  • Critical Theory


Associate Professor Fred Whiting joined the faculty in Fall 2001. He received his PhD in English and American Literatures from the University of Chicago. Whiting specializes in Twentieth-Century American Literature and Culture and Critical Theory. His current work in progress includes The Inner Limits: Persons, Novels, and Form in Postwar America, a book examining the literary, legal, and scientific representations of the sexual psychopath as an episode in the conceptual genealogy of monstrosity.

Selected Publications


  • “Playing Against Type: Statistical Personhood, Depth Narrative, and the Business of Genre in James M. Cain’s Double Indemnity,” Journal of Narrative Theory, 36:2 (2006).
  • “Monstrosity on Trial: The Case of Naked Lunch” Twentieth Century Literature, 52.1 (Spring 2006).
  • “Stronger, Smarter, And Less Queer: ‘The White Negro’ and Mailer’s Third Man,” Women’s Studies Quarterly, 33:3-4 (December 2005).
  • “Bodies of Evidence: Post-War Detective Fiction, Psychoanalysis and the Monstrous Origins of The Sexual Psychopath,” Yale Journal of Criticism, 18:1 (Spring 2005).
  • “The Strange Particularity of the Lover’s Preference: Pedophilia, Pornography, and the Anatomy of Monstrosity in Lolita,” American Literature, 70:4 (December 1998).