Patti White

Patti White

Professor Emerita


  • PhD, English, City University of New York

Research Areas

  • Creative Writing
  • Literature


Professor Patti White received her PhD in English from City University of New York in 1990. She also completed an MPA at the University of Colorado Graduate School of Public Affairs in 1983. A collection of her poems, Tackle Box, won the 2001 Anhinga Prize for Poetry and was published by Anhinga Press in 2002; an award-winning festival-short film of the title poem was released in 2003 (at Her teaching interests include public works poetry, representations of apocalypse, the dramatic monologue, postmodern narrative, and systems theory.  Her new manuscript Chain Link Fence is forthcoming from Anhinga Press in 2013.


Book Authored

  • Gatsby’s Party: The System and the List in Contemporary Narrative. Purdue University Press, 1992.
  • Tackle Box. Tallahassee, FL: Anhinga Press, 2002.
  • Yellow Jackets.  Tallahassee, FL: Anhinga Press, 2007.


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