Why Major in English?

Nora Samayoa

I love being an English major because of my admiration for literature, but I also love the energy that my professors bring to the classroom and their interpretations of the texts. For example, when we were studying a novel in my Multicultural World Literature class, and Professor Wittman became passionate along with students, I found myself saying, “This is why I am an English major!” Being an English major makes me feel connected to a community of like-minded individuals.

As a first-generation student, reading and analyzing literature is a new form of exploration for me. It’s an adventure because I did not grow up hearing about these novels, poems and stories. However, I feel like pursuing an English degree can be an adventure for anyone because literature is a significant part of our culture.
When not in the classroom I also serve as treasurer for EMMA (English Major & Minor Association), which has been a fantastic way to connect with my colleagues and professors. As an English major, I know many doors will open because of the skills the discipline has provided for me. As I move forward I would like to work for corporate Starbucks and later contribute by teaching other first-generation students to develop the same passion for literature that I feel and that I see displayed by the faculty of the English Department at Alabama.

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Nora Samayoa

English Major, Spanish Minor