Spring 2015: Masthead

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The Scarlet Newsletter is a production of the Department of English at The University of Alabama.

“An Interview with Professor Emily Wittman” By Ashlynn Long
“The Language of Writing: An Interview with Kevin Waltman” By Melissa Pollard
“Continuous Learning: An Interview with Abraham Smith” By Alice Deters
“UA Crimson Spotlight: Get to Know Professor Jennifer Drouin” By Ty Pulliam
“Another Great Year Learning Teen Shakespeare” By Claire Gallo
“Brian Oliu: English Instructor” By Jack Sewell
“Hali Felt: English Professor” By Nicole Redigan
“Dr. Raymond Wachter: English Instructor” By Mackenzie Alcorn
“Dr. Heidi Stapes: English Professor” By Tatum Roessler
“Graduate Student Takes on Creative Writing” By Julia Plungy
“An Unorthodox Path” By Tori Othon
“Carl Peterson: MFA Alumnus” By Julia Caldwell

For information on contributions or donations to the Department of English, please contact Professor Joel Brouwer (joel.brouwer@ua.edu) or visit: giving.ua.edu.

If you are a UA English Alum with a success story, please contact Dr. Shanti Weiland (sweiland@ua.edu). We want to publish your story!

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