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Dr. Lauren Cardon: Clinical Professor

It’s always refreshing to meet someone who genuinely cares about his or her profession. In the field of education, it is especially reassuring to meet a teacher who genuinely cares deeply about the material being taught and the students that the material is being taught to. The teachers that think about affecting people in a positive way outside the walls of the classroom are the teachers who truly shape the future. We are lucky here at the University of Alabama […]

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Brandi Hodo: A Course in Comic Books

Born in Tuscaloosa, English Instructor Ms. Brandi Hodo, sheds some light on one of the more unique courses that the Department of English offers. An advanced composition course, EN 103 focused around the study of comic books through the analysis of their heroes and villains—ranging from X-Men to Captain America. The classic representation of good versus evil, after all, is always a relevant concept to understand. Did you always want to be a professor? Or were you ever focused on […]

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Allie Hulcher: English Major

Allie Hulcher, senior double majoring in both English and Journalism, speaks about her experience as a student at The University of Alabama and what she plans to take into her career. In addition to graduating with two separate degrees, she has been involved in many extracurricular internships and volunteer associations. Allie speaks about how English and the department have complimented her Journalism major and prepared her for her soon-to-be career as a journalist. As a little background where are you […]

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2013 Symposium

Elemental Ecocriticism Sponsored by: The Hudson Strode Program in Renaissance Studies Department of English, The University of Alabama College of Arts and Sciences, The University of Alabama Thursday 4/25: 8 pm:  Keynote Address.  Greensboro Room at the Bama Theater, downtown Tuscaloosa.  Doors open at 7:30 pm. Cary Wolfe, “The Biopolitics of Human and Animal Bodies” Cary Wolfe is Bruce and Elizabeth Dunlevie Professor of English at Rice University, where he is also founding director of 3CT:  Center for Critical and […]

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Study Abroad: Chile

Juan Reyes, an Instructor in the English Department, is conducting a trip to Chile with students at the University of Alabama next summer. Reyes was born in Ecuador and moved to West New York, NJ when he was five years old. Before earning his MFA at The University of Alabama, he earned his BE and BS from NYU. Reyes is very complimentary of the English program at Alabama. “The English department has been awesome, and I got a scholarship for […]

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Study Abroad: Ireland

Assistant Professor James McNaughton has been an influential member of the faculty at The University of Alabama since 2007. He devotes much of his time at the university to teaching modernist and Irish literature. Professor James McNaughton has played a key role in expanding the horizons of his students by creating the UA in Ireland study abroad program. McNaughton states that he started this study abroad program “to provide UA students immersion in Irish academic life and culture.” Keeping true […]

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The Humane Society, Dogs, and Dog Culture with Wendy Rawlings

Wendy Rawlings has worked with the Humane Society of West Alabama for the last ten years but tells me that it isn’t “a glamorous job.” “They live in a house [in] a residential neighborhood,” she says, laughing, “you can imagine how thrilled the neighbors are.” The house keeps fifteen to sixteen dogs at any given time. Every day, one volunteer is responsible for making sure the dogs are fed and given water. The dogs are let out in playgroups. Rawlings […]

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A Classroom with No Walls

The world of online courses can be tricky. People take online courses due to scheduling conflicts such as work and family obligations. They cannot devote specific time every week to sit through a lecture. Because of this, students of these courses are often left with just a list of assignments to complete and a textbook to read. One teacher decided to use interactive technology to help her class learn and to help engage her students. Andrea Barton created an online […]

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English MFA Alumna Molly Dowd: Putting Her Degree to Work

Molly Dowd spent much of high school playing field hockey in tiny Fairfield, Pennsylvania, a town near Gettysburg. Her journey from that small town to advising athletes on the most prestigious college football team in the nation undoubtedly took some u-turns and last-minute stops. Perhaps the most important turn in that journey was being a Master’s of Fine Arts student at the University of Alabama. While paving her way to Alabama at Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, Penn., graduating […]

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What We’re Writing

Lauren S. Cardon:  After publishing my monograph in December 2012, I began work on a new project, tentatively entitled “Democratic Fashion”: Women’s Clothing and Social Mobility in American Literature.  I employ the term “democratic fashion” to convey the expression of American ideals of freedom and democracy through the American fashion industry, as reflected in the accessibility of fashion to all citizens, in fashion’s facilitation of individual self-expression or “personal style,” and in the comfort and ease of the clothes themselves, […]

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