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Jennie Vaughn: Ph.D. Candidate

How did you get you decide to attend UA? I was finishing my Masters in Secondary Education at Jacksonville State University when I decided that I’d like to pursue a PhD. Working in middle and high schools made me realize I wanted to try teaching at the university level. I enjoyed teaching high school and middle school, but I also enjoyed having time for my own research and writing. A PhD in English was more appealing than a PhD in […]

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Brock Guthrie: English Instructor

Brock Guthrie grew up in the acutely hip Athens, Ohio, received his B.A. and M.A. in English from Ohio University and his M.F.A. in poetry from Louisiana State University. His poems have been published in Cimarron Review, Iron Horse, Los Angeles Review, New Ohio Review, Southern Review, and elsewhere, and his first book, Contemplative Man, is forthcoming from Sibling Rivalry Press. He’s an Instructor of English at the University of Alabama and is the founding faculty adviser to the UA Club Golf team, who in their […]

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Joey Gamble: English Major

Joey Gamble, a senior at The University of Alabama majoring in English with a minor in Creative Writing speaks about his experiences here at UA. Through his involvement with Sigma Tau Delta as president, Gamble has been able to dive into all aspects of the English department. Gamble discusses his experience and love of the English department at the University, as well as advice for incoming students deciding on a major and their passion. What made you decide to major […]

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Hunter Coward: English Minor Alumna

Beyond the Undergraduate Years Hunter Coward, raised in Mobile, AL, graduated from the University of Alabama as a Communication Studies major and an English minor in December 2010. Communication Studies, a general overview of communication theory and application, inspired her to study why people act and think the way they do, and how this contrasts with different races. “You can make it fit your interest and then you just look at whatever you’re interested in through a communications lens,” Coward […]

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From the Chair

Dear English Department community, As chair, I continue the pattern of encapsulating our achievements as a department during the previous academic year, 2012-2013. To give you an overview of our operation, during 2012-2013 the English Department had 37 tenure-track faculty (14 Assistant Professors, 9 Associate Professors, and 14 Professors), although 2 of the professors serve elsewhere in the University in administrative capacities. We also employed 44 Full-time Temporary Instructors and 35 Part-time Temporary Instructors. We had 5 office staff (Admin […]

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2011 Symposium

In 2011, the departmental symposium was held April 15-17 and was entitled “Exploring the Boundaries and Applications of Corpus Linguistics”. The Department of English at the University of Alabama is pleased to provide this opportunity for scholars to explore the boundaries and applications of corpus linguistics, especially its relationship with and application to neighboring disciplines such as cognitive linguistics, comparative linguistics, discourse analysis, forensic linguistics, historical linguistics, language learning/teaching, literary analysis, psycholinguistics, sociolinguistics, and writing (both academic and creative). Keynote […]

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