The Department of English at the University of Alabama seeks to cultivate the arts of reading, writing, and speaking the English language. We encourage the creation and interpretation of imaginative works of literature; we strive for a mastery of composition, linguistics, literary history, and theory. We challenge our students to read, write, and think in a sophisticated and critical fashion; to understand the historical evolutions of American and English literatures; to participate in the development of knowledge through scholarly research, publication, and creative writing; and to provide meaningful service, to the state and nation, as teachers, writers, and scholars. Our commitment is to enrich the intellectual and cultural life of our campus, our community, and the individuals who compose them.

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Heather White

 A-Quiver with Significance: Marianne Moore

Edited by Heather White
Joel Brouwer

 And So

David Deutsch

 British Literature and Classical Music

Duncan M. Yoon

 Cambridge Journal of Postcolonial Literary Inquiry

"'Our Forces Have Redoubled': World Literature, Postcolonialism, and the Afro-Asian Writers’ Bureau"
Sharon O'Dair

 Class, Critics, and Shakespeare

Wendy Rawlings

 Come Back Irish

Kellie Wells

 Compression Scars

Brock Guthrie

 Contemplative Man

Cassander Smith

 Early American Literature

“Estevan, Cabeza de Vaca’s Relaciòn, and a Battle for Narrative Control”
Catherine Davies

 English and Ethnicity

Edited by Janina Brutt-Griffler and Catherine Davies
Alexandra Cook

 English Studies: A Journal of English Language and Literature

"'O swete harm so queynte': Loving Pagan Antiquity in Troilus and Criseyde and the Knight's Tale"
Nikhil Bilwakesh

 ESQ: A Journal of the American Renaissance

"Emerson, John Brown and Arjuna: Translating the Bhagavad Gita in a Time of War"
Stephen Tedeschi

 European Romantic Review

“Coleridge in Bristol, 1795-96: Literature, Politics, and the City”
Tricia McElroy

 George Buchanan: Political Thought in Early Modern Britain and Europe

"Performance, Print and Politics in George Buchanan's Ane Detectioun of the duinges of Marie Quene of Scottes"
Heidi Lynn Staples

 Guess Can Gallop

Robin Behn

 Horizon Note

Dilin Liu

 Idioms: Description, Comprehension, Acquisition, and Pedagogy

Cindy Tekobbe

 Information, Communication & Society

"A Site for Fresh Eyes: Pinterest's Challenge to 'Traditional' Digital Literacies"
Luke Niiler

 Journal of the Fantastic in the Arts

"Green Reading: Tolkien, Leopold and the Land Ethic"
David Ainsworth

 Milton and the Spiritual Reader

Abraham Smith

 Only Jesus Could Icefish in Summer

Albert Pionke

 Plots of Opportunity

Cajetan Iheka

 Research in African Literatures

"Colo-mentality: Colonial Trauma in Oyono’s Houseboy and Condé’s Crossing the Mangrove"
Amber Buck

 Research in the Teaching of English

“Examining Digital Literacy Practices on Social Network Sites”
Amy Dayton

 Rhetoric Review

“Teaching English for A Better America”
James McNaughton

 Samuel Beckett Today/Aujourd’hui

"Beckett, German Fascism, and History: The Futility of Protest”
Robert Nelson

 Second Language Research

"Vigilance, expectancy, and noise: Attention in second language lexical learning and memory”
Jennifer Drouin

 Shakespeare in Quebec

William Ulmer

 Shelleyan Eros

John Burke

 Signs and Symbols in Chaucer’s Poetry

Edited by John Hermann and John Burke
Jason McCall


Kevin Waltman


Brian Oliu

 So You Know It’s Me

Emily Wittman

 Soft Subversions: Texts and Interviews 1977-1985

Félix Guattari translated by Emily Wittman
Hali Felt


Deborah Weiss

 Studies in Romanticism

“Suffering, Sentiment, and Civilization: Pain and Politics in Mary Wollstonecraft’s Short Residence”
Trudier Harris

 Summer Snow

Patti White

 Tackle Box

Lauren Cardon

 The "White Other" in American Intermarriage Stories, 1945-2008

Philip Beidler

 The Good War’s Greatest Hits

James Andrew Crank

 Understanding Sam Shepard

Hank Lazer

 What Is A Poet?

Edited by Hank Lazer
Ashley McWaters


Michael Martone

 Winesburg, Indiana

Edited by Michael Martone and Bryan Furuness
Yolanda Manora

 Women’s Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal

"Discourse and Intercourse: Gender, Exile, and Dialogical Subjectivities in Maria Irene Fornes's Mud"
Fred Whiting

 Yale Journal of Criticism

"Bodies of Evidence: Post-War Detective Fiction, Psychoanalysis and the Monstrous Origins of The Sexual Psychopath"
Apr 25 English major Dana Sweeney has been named a 2016 Truman Scholar. The 54 new Truman Scholars, all college juniors, were selected from among a record number of applicants and institutions: 775 candidates nominated by 305 colleges and universities.
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Apr 20 The Hudson Strode Program in Renaissance Studies and the Program in Creative Writing are hosting a two-day symposium entitled "The Poet's Shakespeare" in honour of the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare's death. The symposium with feature guest lectures by scholars and readings by poets.
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Mar 30 Dr. Nic Helms has won the university-wide Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation award for "To Essay the Mind: Shakespearean Character and Theories of Mindreading." His dissertation supervisor was Prof. Sharon O’Dair, director of the Hudson Strode Program in Renaissance Studies. Helms has published three articles from his dissertation. Katy Rossing won the award for Excellence in Teaching by a Master's Student.
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Mar 28 English major Mollie Beth Wallace has published in The Explicator an essay that she wrote in Prof. Jolene Hubbs’s EN 422 course, Fictions of American Identity.
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Feb 22 Prof. Andy Crank discusses the life and legacy of Harper Lee on WBRC Fox 6 Birmingham. Click to watch the video recording.
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Feb 01 English major Amanda Bennett is profiled in the New York Times about African-American student activism.
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